AUL has won the their first spot into the CRL qualifying finals over LIU Tripoli who again for the second year in a row couldn’t proceed to the next round.

AUL where first to strike on the 18th minute with Michael Salemeh running through three defenders to go over the line, then LIU Tripoli came back with Ali Dennawi to equilise on the 29th minute, both teams missing several opportunities to take the lead into the half brake.

Ali Denawwi continued his running rampage through AUL line with an off load to Nassim Youssef who ran 30 mtrs only to find himself diving into touch before placing the ball down on the 68th minute, LIU Tripoli continued their blitz to score with a kick chase picked up by Fullback Abdallah Dahani and scoring to take the lead on the 75th minute.

AUL where quick to respond with LIU Tripoli celebrating their win prematurely, Michael Salemeh driver force over into the corner on the 78th Minute. LIU Tripoli still in the lead 10 – 8 with a missed conversion by Michael Salemeh. LIU Tripoli just needed to hold their discipline for 30 seconds to when the game, only given AUL a penalty 10 mtrs for markers not being square. Michael Salemeh quick run from dummy half going through 5 defenders to go over into the corner in the final seconds of the game.

The winners of the GRN291 AUB JV v LAU JV Friday 10th match at AUB Hostler centre will meet their fate against AUL on 15th March at AUB Hostler centre.

Referee: Robin Hachache
Touch Judge: Sami Assaf, Lara Saab
4th Official: Rodrique Jbeily

Team: AUL
M. Azar, C. Eid, M. Rafii, R. Tahech, S. Moubarak, M. Salemeh, E. Asmar, K. Zgheib, G. Sarkis, E. Farhat, D. Abedel Hady, W. Doumit, E. Bou Lattouf, subs: S. Ghalabouni, R. Tannous, M. Salibi

Team: LIU Tripoli
A. Dahani, M. Dennawi, F. Hamzeh, Y. Helou, A. Mbyaed, M. Haddad, N. Youssef, A. Hymadan, I. Rafai, Y. Matar, A. Dennawi, M. Chemysem, Z. Atar, subs:R. Brais, O. Merhi, M. al Akawi, H. Rafai