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About Us

About LRLF

The Lebanese Rugby League Federation is the National Governing Body of the sport in the country, recognised by the Lebanese Ministry of Youth and Sport. The LRLF is the leading regional NGB, with the longest history and greatest sector experience. Lebanon is also the HQ of Middle East Africa RL and has the most extensive staff and technical expertise.

Mission & Objectives

The LRLF’s mission and objectives are to establish the sport in all areas of Lebanon through good governance, ensuring democracy secularism and the inclusion of stakeholders; delivery of the sport’s fundamental skills and laws at a highly proficient and standardised level; the organisation of national and international championships and providing excellent leadership in the MEA region with the intention of developing rugby league beyond Lebanon’s borders.


Since its inception in 2003 the LRLF has always protected the moral and social well being of its participants by providing a positive environment.The LRLF has been very successful in extremely difficult local circumstances and with very little local funding. It now delivers Rugby League to children in Beirut and North Lebanon, runs a three-division championship (LRL [Lebanese Rugby League Championship], CRL [Collegiate Rugby League Championship]& the SRL [Schools Rugby League Championships]), plays Rugby League for 10-months of the year and has over 1000 registered participants.
The LRLF has absolutely avoided sectarianism!
The Cedars (National Team), Liban Espoir (U20s), Youth (U18s), Junior Cedars (U16s), LRL (Lebanese Rugby League Championship), CRL (Collegiate Rugby League Championship), SRL (Schools Rugby League), WRL (Womens Rugby League) plus the grass-roots enthusiasm of more than hundreds regular competition participants and the unbridled fun and opportunity that comes to find Rugby League.
In August 2011 the LRLF became a Full Member of the RLEF, and in May 2012 achieved the same status within the Rugby League International Federation.
Together LRLF will work to foster, develop, educate, grow the game and to provide adequate funding for Rugby League at all levels.
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